This is the starting point to the world of my software solutions (mostly programs that I have written). Feel free to look around and try some things out. Please note that you may only use this software at your own risk. This software is provided "as is". I take no responsibility or whatever.


Oemfoeland -- a 3D block came and a sort of predecessor of Minecraft (started in 2006 actually)
Aquadmin -- a private administration tool made with Django and Django Advanced Reports
mumbling.net -- a website to anonymously and securily share your feelings ("a.k.a. to mumble") about the organization you work at, made with Haskell and Yesod


urlzap.net -- a simple URL shortener made with PHP
Several professional Django projects (both consulting and day job)
Django Advanced Reports -- powerful open source admin-like user interface for Django made with Angular and Bootstrap 3


DefinitveCMS -- a simple cms for lazy people. Used by this website.
Oemfoeland 5 -- a platform game; please create some levels for it and share them ;-) (download)
Fragile -- a brick game (in cooperation with Gert Van Gool and Ingo Berben; documentation is in Dutch, but you can take a look at the screenshots...)
RubyMSN -- A little API in Ruby for writing MSN/Windows Live clients or bots
SDL_mixer_plugin -- a plugin for REALbasic (OS X only) for using SDL_mixer music playback capabilities (download)


Mac Messenger -- a MSN client for Mac OS Classic / Mac OS X (download)
Music Splitter -- a tool for splitting Quicktime-supported multimedia files (.mp3, .m4a, ...) (download: mac/win)
SizeExplorer -- a tool for examining the disk space consumption of folders (download: mac/win)
cmatrixcalc -- a matrix calculator featuring an expression evaluator written in C (download source)
Simple IP Forwarder -- a simple port forwarding tool (download: mac/win)


compilefile -- a command line utility to convert files to C/C++ source files so you can include them in your binary (download: mac/win/source)