This page is all about my demoscene-related stuff. I've been active in the scene since spring 2007, but I was doing scene-like stuff when I was a kid. This includes module tracking (using MPT and the like), and coding some graphical effects like fractals and sines. I am currently a coder of the RBBS scene group (Royal Belgian Beer Squadron). Together, we have created some crazy demos for fun, just to let the scene world know that we exist. :-)

The first RBBS demo coded by me was a *VERY* quick hack, made entirely at Breakpoint 2007, called "A pixel story". The storyline was going to be something about pixels and what pixels can do. It ended up with 2 scenes, a starfield and a very lo-res fractal zoomer. It may me worth to mention the demo was first coded on an iBook G4 and then hastily ported to Win32 using a laptop of a friend (thank you Berre :-P). The entire demo was made by me, including the music, which can sound kinda weird. I like to create some music from time to time, but that doesn't make me a great composer ;-). When you look closely in its directory, you will see the sfx.xm file. This track is around 4 (FOUR) minutes long, while the demo runs for 43 seconds. Maybe worth listening so you know how the song sounds in its complete glory. I have also the bad habit of adding interesting parts at the very end of a song, so the beginning is, compared to the ending, worthless.

A Pixel Story

"A Pixel Story" (Download at Pouet.net »)

I must say that I was really thrilled to see that on the bigscreen... It was also funny to see how the crowd reacted to it. The first scene with the starfield got some applause... until they saw the boring fractal zoomer :-D

The next demo coded by me was Last Christmas. This time I worked together with some other people. The crazy idea came from FRaNKy, the graphics were done by Kuroto, the music by Eha (probably the best part of the demo ;-), and the snowman by Naia. This demo is very crazy and is mainly to joke with Scamp and show that RBBS is alive and kicking. We were lucky that everyone was drunk, when it was shown to the public at The Ultimate Meeting 2007, which is probably the reason why the crowd reacted very enthousiastic. Unfortunately, when they got sober, they posted comments on pouet ;-). It got a ranking of 5 out of 12... don't know how this is possible but I don't complain :-P


"Last Christmas" (Download at Pouet.net »)

The third, and most recent demo was "Rewired 2008 Invitation". It is an invitation to a demo party in Belgium (!) so when you are interested in demoscene and like Belgian Beer, don't miss it! More info at the Rewired site...

This invitation (or invitro) uses almost the same code as in "Last Christmas". The credits are the same as Last Christmas, but this time "fluffmans" (that funny wired bunny) was drawn by Naia and the music was provided by tEIS. The invitation was finished on Breakpoint 2008, where it was to be released. It got a ranking of 16 out of ... many :-) I think it served well as an invitation.

"Rewired 2008 Invitation" (Download at Pouet.net ») (OSX version also available!)

BEWARE! ENTER THIS AREA AT YOUR OWN RISK: This invitation SUCKS UP your memory (at least 1,4 GB) because of the huge amount of resources (a lot of images). When your computer doesn't have AT LEAST 2GB available memory, this demo will harm your computer. Don't say that I didn't warn you! And bring a decent video card because the images have a HUGE resolution AND transparency!

The next demo will be released at Evoke 2008 (or TUM 2008, depends...) but  is until then top secret, sorry... :-) OK, maybe one thing, it won't suck up your memory like the Rewired invitation ;-)